Benefits of Professional Event Video Production

January 3, 2021

rofessional video recording instantly increases the value of those events and provides additional long-term benefits. Read on to learn why hiring a videographer is a good investment, and how to choose a professional for your next event.

Professional Video Simply Looks and Sounds Better 

A lot of work goes into creating a professional video, including lighting, audio engineering, and strategic camera work to produce a polished final product. 

Amateur videos cannot compare. It may seem easy to record a video at first, but professional production requires significant camera operations and post-production work to optimize the audio and visual experience. 

Correcting severe flaws is also very challenging once a video is recorded. That’s why it’s more efficient to hire an event video production company to create a high-quality video from professionally recorded source material.

Professionally Produced Video is Much More Versatile

Many mobile phones have excellent cameras that record high-resolution video, however this is usually not enough. 

A professional video event team puts much more effort into their work behind the scenes. The result is a high-quality video that can be split into multiple segments at different resolutions and sizes without sacrificing quality. Professionals can also deliver audio files and images in various formats that can be used in numerous ways for marketing and other business purposes.

Professional Video Production Instantly Increases Your Corporate Profile

Producing a successful corporate event is a major investment that requires significant event promotion, venue costs, and event equipment rental expenses. A professionally produced recording extends the event’s value and provides a substantial return on investment by enabling your businesses to:

Build brand awareness.

Video is a powerful marketing tool, and its use keeps on growing

Derive maximum value from your event with clips that can be used for marketing on your website and social media campaigns. In addition, you can extract images and audio for use in podcasts and advertising material without sacrificing quality.

Videographers can also work closely with your marketing team to create branded videos that tell a story. Through the use of visual effects, motion graphics, and music, professionals can help create a final product that aligns with your company’s mission and values. 

Sell tickets for virtual events.

Technology allows people from all over the world to attend and participate at corporate events in real time. Services like Youtube allow you to stream the event for free, and some services have options to sell tickets. 

Paying users typically demand high-quality video. Live event video production services enable you to live-stream events according to their expectations without technical difficulties that waste time and cause frustration. 

Attract new customers.

Poorly shot video at a low volume frustrates viewers and deters customers. While this may not have been your intention, it’s a natural consequence of using low-quality equipment. 

Professionally produced video reflects the values of your business and attracts high-value customers that prioritize quality. 

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Professional Videographer

A good videographer combines talent, skills, and a strong work ethic. Here are some questions to ask when looking for a professional for your next event: 

  • Does the videographer have experience in recording video content for corporate events? 
  • Does the videographer’s website have testimonials? Do they lead to people on social networks that I can contact?
  • What file formats will the videographer provide? Can I request both low and high-quality files in different sizes?
  • Will the videographer give me separate audio and image files?
  • What is the videographer’s policy on video editing and revisions?

A professional videographer is also an expert at staying out of the way while recording your event. Usually, the best-trained and most experienced professionals have the ability to capture footage without obstructing views and disrupting event activities.  

Maximize Your Event’s Impact with Professional Video Production

Contact Kramer Productions for professional video production at your next event. Our video production team expertly captures event footage with minimal interference, and our editing team produces finished video files according to your specifications. Contact us for a complimentary consultation. 

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