Benefits of Corporate Event Equipment Rental vs. Buying

December 7, 2018

lanning corporate functions is always challenging. Event video production, stage design, and software configuration can get very technical — especially for large events that are live-streamed online. 

Renting audio, video, and catering equipment reduces much of that complexity. When you rent equipment instead of buying, you outsource technical details to the experts, allowing you to plan the perfect catered event that makes a lasting impact. 

Benefits of Renting Event Equipment vs. Buying 

Many businesses benefit from buying equipment for small meetings and staff events, such as audio speakers, screens, and microphones. However, basic equipment often doesn’t suffice for large events requiring complicated digital hardware and configurations across a large event space.

That’s why event professionals choose to rent from the experts. Besides simplifying the process, renting equipment for major corporate events has numerous advantages that include: 

You save money in the long run.

Buying large speakers, mixer boards, tables, chairs, and other equipment for large-scale events may initially seem like a good idea. However, that equipment must be used often to provide a sizable return on investment. 

Rental items require a significantly lower cash outlay in the beginning, giving your business more future capital to focus on activities that increase value. 

You have more time for planning and event design.

Planning corporate events is time-consuming and requires attention to essential details. When you rent equipment, you can leave the technical aspects of production — like audio, video, and event stage design — to the experts. 

You get the most up-to-date equipment, customized for your type of event.

Digital equipment is depreciating faster than ever as new audio-visual technology makes existing hardware and software obsolete. Renting equipment ensures you have the most up-to-date equipment suited to your type of event, ensuring flawless execution.

You won’t have to store unneeded or depreciating equipment.

Maintaining and keeping an inventory of event equipment is a significant expense that can be avoided when renting equipment. You also save money from replacing outdated equipment that has become incompatible with modern software and hardware. 

Event consultants provide expert advice and on-site support.

Once you buy equipment, it’s primarily up to you to configure it with your current systems. While most manufacturers offer a warranty and call-center support, this may not suffice while the event is taking place in case things go wrong.

Event rentals free you from this issue, giving you access to expert advice on the best equipment to rent. In addition, you get on-site support while the event is taking place to ensure everything is working successfully.

Types of Corporate Event Equipment For Rent

Event equipment rental services cover every aspect of your corporate event, including: 

Event Lighting Rentals

Lighting is critical to bringing your event to life. Renting lighting equipment ensures you have access to professional advice on the right type and number of lighting fixtures. In addition, event services experts can help configure critical technical details, such as brightness, dimming, and color temperature. 

Audio Equipment

As technology evolves, audio equipment is becoming increasingly complicated — especially when configuration is required for live-streaming and virtual events. Rental companies provide expert advice on what equipment to choose for the right kind of event. In addition, professionals offer on-site support that ensures the sound is evenly distributed and the audio is crystal clear. 

Tables and Chairs

When it comes to large-scale corporate catered events, renting tables and chairs typically makes more sense than buying. Event catering rental companies simplify the process by helping planners take care of seating arrangements, allowing them to focus on other significant details.

Stages and Tents

Stages and tents are significant expenses that typically aren’t bought outright because they aren’t used often and require ample storage space. By renting stages and tents, event organizers can significantly reduce their expenses and allocate resources to other event details. Further, renting can free planners from setting up and taking down stages and tents after the event concludes. 

Let Kramer Productions Help Execute Your Next Corporate or Community Event

Kramer Productions is an event equipment rentals leader with a successful track record across Oklahoma. We help large and small businesses execute a wide range of corporate and community events across a range of industries.

Our professionals provide expert advice on the latest audio equipment, lighting fixtures, furniture, stages, and tents for events of all types and sizes. Contact our event equipment rentals & sales professionals for a complimentary consultation. 

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